Lasting Design. Purposeful aim.



Focusing on brand development and packaging design, Studio Jazeena is made up of a nimble team that can handle projects both intimate and grand.

Our pool of resources can accommodate clients near or far, and we assess each project with detail and thoughtful strategy to build custom teams around each project.


Our Ethos

Studio Jazeena creates value and finds deep meaning that bolsters our design. In all of our work, we place importance on understanding, asking meaningful questions, getting down to the root of challenges, and using design as a solution. We revere caring and open-minded business owners, working together to create impactful brands.


The Founder

Jazeena Baeza started Studio Jazeena in 2018, and was inspired by her family’s creativity. Her parents created her name by using letters from each of her aunt’s names. Unique, rooted to family values, and finding uncommon solutions are what drive Jazeena to create lasting design for business owners and entrepreneurs.

As an award-winning designer, her background in graphic design, digital media, photography and fashion blends together to give Jazeena a well-rounded and multi-faceted approach to design strategy and brand development.


Our Process



Where the journey begins. After an initial design call, you’ll receive a questionnaire that digs deep into your company. This crucial first step helps you think through your values, journey, audience and hopes for the project.



Combing through your questionnaire and outlining your creative direction comes next. All based on our research, your responses, and goals, this helps us find a visual direction, land on the same page, and creates room to start designing.



This stage is about concept and deeper meaning. We’ll flesh out full explorations and ideas for review. This is where most of our work is done to find concepts for your brand that align with your strategy, audience, and values.



Refinement is always meant to strengthen. Here, we make any necessary changes on the approved direction and fine-tune your type and color palette.



Sealing the deal. Once refinements are complete, we’ll get your files set-up for ease of use, handoff any other materials you’ll need and neatly wrap up our project together.


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