Lasting Design. Purposeful aim.




For every brand identity project, our design is backed by deep research and a clear understanding of your business goals. Like a North Star, this leads and directs every decision.

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Your Challenges


Visually align your values and goals to a brand.



Attract the right audience and stand out from competitors.



Grow your business and reflect your core values.


Our Solution

Your challenges don’t have to keep you from seeing your business flourish. Studio Jazeena is poised to address each of your pain points with service, encouragement, refined design, and continuous inspiration that comes from a heartfelt aim to help.


What You’ll Receive



Strategy is a game plan that provides clarity and practical direction. As a client, you’ll receive tailored strategy for your brand that helps you envision your unique purpose, the value you offer to your audience, and how to grow your business while staying aligned.


Brand Identity

A brand is more than a logo. It’s the emotion, benefit, values, and personality that does the heavy-lifting to attract and relate to your audience. You’ll receive a logo, color palette, typeface options, patterns, and other necessary elements to visually represent your brand.



Consistency and healthy restraint is key. That’s why guidelines for your new brand’s colors, type and other parameters are crucial to keeping your brand intact across multiple applications.



A tried-and-true asset to any business, brand collateral carries through your identity with consistency. Business cards, letterheads, envelope design, and other collateral will elevate your brand to give it a timeless polish.



Be assured that your brand package will serve as a foundation and include launch support to help you and your business hit the ground running. From there, we can build out accompanying elements with ease.


Ready to Start?


Kind Words


The Investment

Making an investment into your brand is not just for the sake of design—it’s for the health and success of your business as a whole. By taking the necessary time and giving crucial attention to align your goals, business strategy, mission, and values to your visual identity, you’re giving your audience a clear indicator of who you are.

At Studio Jazeena, there’s no room for a cookie-cut approach. Instead, you’ll receive pricing structured custom to your needs and mindful of your budget. We take pride in offering design solutions that directly impact your business, and offer skills of great caliber from our team and our resources.



 Or in need of a listening ear? You’ve got it. Send us any questions you have to get started.